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 A delightful village set in the


beautiful Herefordshire



Aston Ingham is set in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside near the border with Gloucestershire.
“Not really a village but a parish of scattered dwellings set all around with woodland stretches and everlasting hills. May Hill guards its south-eastern boundary, the high slopes of the Royal Forest of Dean come near to forming the south-western boundary. Penyard and Chase Hill lie not so far to the west, Queens Wood to the north and then in the further distance the magnificent humps of the ancient Malverns, the dark outlines of  the Black Mountains and beyond again the tops of the Brecon Beacons - all these give a wonderful backdrop to rolling green fields and orchards in which the parish nestles.” 
(Extracted from ‘The History of Aston Ingham’ by Margaret Watson and Peggy Laws)

Welcome to our website about the village.
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